School Communication

Parents are encouraged to share insights, questions, or concerns directly with the classroom teacher, where appropriate. The teachers at Bader Hillel Academy welcome the opportunity to communicate with parents to ensure the success of each child. 

Please check BHA's  2020-21 Reopening Plan for COVID-19 modifications to the following paragraph. 

Parents are welcome to visit the classroom, email, call or set-up an appointment to meet with the teachers. Teachers and staff will return calls and emails as soon as possible, although teachers are unable to return calls during the instructional day. We ask that all parents stop in the office before visiting a classroom. 

Bader Hillel Academy uses Parentsquare, a school communication platform for teachers, students, and families to use daily, in an effort to build a close-knit sense of community. By sharing photos, videos, and messages focused on school events and classroom learning, teachers use the communication platform to foster and encourage engagement. Parents can choose how they wish to be informed of updates including text messages, emails or via the Parentsquare app.

Weekly eNewsletter 
An eNewsletter is sent out, via Parentsquare, at the end of each week to disseminate information to BHA families, to staff and to anyone from the the community who subscribes to the newsletter. Content includes the current week’s events, upcoming events, reminders, and lunch menus. These important items are shared to offer recipients a snapshot for quick reference during busy work and school weeks.

Bader Hillel Academy uses WhatsApp Messenger for communication amongst parents within specific grade levels. This communication tool helps to encourage attendance at school events as well as build a strong sense of classroom community; ultimately, leading to greater community cohesiveness for the school overall.