Dress & Behavior Code

Bader Hillel Academy strives to maintain an atmosphere of respect within the culture of our school. The school has embraced Responsive Classroom which is a proactive approach now deeply embedded in our school culture. It increases student engagement and teaches pro-social behavior. It emphasizes the value of each student and helps promote a community based thought process among students and staff.

This approach greatly reduces the need for a prescribed discipline program. Students are expected to be kind, respectful of each other and staff, and to practice safe behaviors at all times.

Dress Code 

To maintain this atmosphere of learning, clothing worn in the school halls, classrooms and during all school activities will adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • Girls and boys should be dressed neatly (no baggy clothing, ripped hems or holes). 
  • Girls in grades 1-8 must wear skirts or dresses of an appropriate length (at the knee or longer).
  • Boys in grades 1-8 must wear long pants.
  • Students are expected to wear modest shirts with an appropriate sleeve length (fully covering the shoulder or longer).
  • Shirt design should fit into the guidelines (see sidebar). All boys wear a Kippah.
  • Kindergartners are exempt from the shirt guidelines, but we ask that parents are mindful of selecting clothing that adheres to the atmosphere of learning and respect. K5 students are allowed to wear pants or shorts to school as appropriate.

The above dress code applies during all school-sponsored functions, including extra-curricular events and field trips.

  Shirts may have:

  • Solids
  • Stripes
  • Patterns
  • BHA spirit wear
  • Small manufacturer’s logos (2 inches or less) on the chest or pocket

Some examples of items that are inadmissible: sports team logos, club logos, camp logos and slogans, clothing with large symbols, messages or pictures.

These guidelines do not apply to backpacks, lunchboxes, coats or outerwear, but we ask students and parents to be mindful to select items that reflect the values of our school.


Personal Electronic Devices
Use of cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, headphones, videogames and other portable electronic devices is prohibited. Any of these items used during school hours will be confiscated and returned, only to a parent, at the end of the day. The school is not responsible for the loss, damage or theft of devices that are brought onto the school premises. Students are not permitted to use BHA wireless services or connect to their devices during school hours.

Parents: Please do not rely on reaching your child by cell phone. Changes in pick up schedule, illness or any other need must be communicated via the school office.