Admission Process

Admission information is available here, or by calling the school office at 414-962-9545.

The steps in the Admission Process are as follows:

  1. Parent and child visit the school - A personal visit and tour is scheduled with the office at Bader Hillel Academy. 
  2.  Application Packet -  A complete application packet is returned to our office and includes the following:
  • Application form, child health and child immunization records
  • Signed Release of Information form (if student is transferring in)
  • Emergency Care Plan (Def-F: 2345) if needed
  • Financial assistance, scholarship and School Choice application
  • Enrollment contract

Parental Choice Programs, Scholarships, Financial Aid & Tuition

The state of Wisconsin manages programs that allow eligible students to attend participating private schools. The private school, on behalf of the student’s parent or guardian, receives a state aid payment for each eligible student. Bader Hillel Academy participates in two state funded programs: Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) and the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP).

Student eligibility is determined by state law and is based on a combination of student residence, income and prior year attendance. All students must apply each year and provide documentation that they meet residency requirements.

Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP): Students in grades K5 through 8th, residing in the City of Milwaukee, may apply for the MPCP. All students must meet the residency requirement every year. New students to the Choice program must also provide income verification, even if they have a sibling currently in the program.

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP): New students entering grades K5 and 1st, who reside in a Wisconsin school district other than the city of Milwaukee, may apply between February 1st and April 20th. All students must meet the residency requirement every year. Students currently enrolled in the WPCP program must reapply each year. New students to the Choice Program must also provide income verification, even if they have a sibling currently in the program.

Applications for MPCP and WPCP must be completed online.

The following documents are acceptable for proof of income and residency and must be submitted to the school office before the deadline for applications:

  • Lease agreement
  • Utility bill (i.e. water, sewer, gas, electric, cable, satellite or landline phone)
  • Government correspondence (i.e. property tax bill, Food Share, Wisconsin Works)
  • Wage statement, W-2 tax form or copy of current income tax forms (for new students)

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

If you need more information about the MPCP or WPCP programs please visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website and review the frequently asked questions and other information available on the site. If you need assistance with the MPCP or WPCP program online application or have more specific questions, please contact Sue in the BHA office.

For families who are not eligible for the CHOICE program, Bader Hillel Academy operates an Independent Scholarship Committee to address special needs of families that might not be met by the resources above. Scholarships distributed directly from BHA are evaluated by the Independent Scholarship Committee and are granted on an individual basis, based primarily on financial need. To receive a scholarship, terms must be agreed upon in writing. Scholarships will apply so long as the account is not overdue or outstanding. If the terms of the written agreement are not adhered to, the full tuition amount will apply.