Parent-Student Handbook

Welcome to Bader Hillel Academy! We look forward to providing your child with a positive, happy and inspirational school environment. We join with you as partners to guide your child on an educational path that will be fulfilling, motivating and dignifying.

We have designed this handbook to give you a quick and easy reference for some of the common questions that arise amongst our parents and students. We view our school as a community and our relationship with our parents as a partnership, as we forge ahead together with the success of our students being our primary goal. This handbook serves as a tool for further discussion on policies and procedures of our school, not only between parents and staff, but with students as well.

Please review the information contained within this handbook with your student and family. Use it to start dialogue about the expectations that they have for the school year, as well as, your familial expectations and hopes.

Together we can work to have a great and successful year for all!

-Bader Hillel Academy Staff

Mission: To provide an excellent, value-based Judaic education for any child who is seeking one, regardless of their financial background.

Vision :  It is our vision that all Milwaukee Jewish youth will receive a comprehensive education based on the teachings of Torah, enabling them to become knowledgeable, conscientious and committed Jews; ethical, moral and productive leaders in society.

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