School Day Procedures

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • Parents are required to finish the pre-screening checklist every morning before sending the student to school.
  • Students can start arriving at 7:55 AM to allow ample time for safety procedures.
  • Children will have their temperature taken, while still in the car, by a staff member with a contactless thermometer. Only fever free students will be allowed to enter the building.
  • Families will remain in their vehicle until a staff member invites each student to exit.
  • BHA students will be entering through the star door only.
  • Every student and staff will wear a mask as they enter the building.
  • Students will be allowed to exit the building when the parents arrive to pick them up. Names of students will be posted on the smart boards upon parents arrival.
  • No parents or guests are allowed in the building.

Physical Distancing Inside the Classroom

We will utilize “pod distancing” in each room. Students will only interact, in-person, with the other students in their pod. Within pods, students may never share supplies, food, drinks, masks or other personal items. Staff should remain physically distanced from each other and students at all times. Teachers may need to be closer than 6 feet to students (especially younger students) at various points throughout the day. This is ok and each individual should do what is comfortable for them. 

Whenever possible, a 3’ distance will be maintained between individuals. These pods will be used to the highest level possible. However, due to space constraints and enrollment, we will not be able to consistently maintain distance between all students at all times. The following measures will be taken to minimize student contact:

  • Students will be taught to stay to the right in hallways and to not touch other students, lockers, walls, or others’ belongings. To the greatest degree possible, spacing will be used while students are lining up, waiting, and walking throughout the school.

  • Any classroom furniture, other than student desks, will be removed to allow for maximum spacing between students. Students will use individual supplies.

  • Drinking fountains will not be used except as hydration stations. Students will be encouraged to bring water bottles from home and use the bottle fillers.

  • Classroom teachers will instruct and reinforce concepts of good hygiene practices including managing coughs/sneezes, having safe hands, and how to properly clean hands.

  • Signage on proper handwashing procedures will be placed in all restrooms and classroom sinks.

  • Floor decals will be used throughout buildings to promote social distancing.

  • Restroom spaces will be modified to promote social distancing. Students will be asked to move directly to classrooms and will not be allowed to congregate in large groups in hallways.

  • Classrooms will be dismissed in ways that will allow for the least amount of interaction between cohorts. Waiting for the bus will no longer happen in large groups unless social distancing can occur. All school assemblies will be virtual or pre-recorded. There will be no field trips (other than virtual) for at least the first quarter.

Use of Lockers

  • Students will be assigned a locker, but they will be encouraged to use their backpacks during the day to reduce time in hallways and trips to lockers.

  • Students may only access their lockers individually or in groups of two and while always wearing a mask. Students may not crowd the hallway at any point. At the start of each day, the 1st period classroom teacher will be responsible for managing this to avoid groups forming.

  • Students will be encouraged to limit locker trips to before school, during lunch, and after school.

Lunch and Snacks

Students will have their lunch and snacks inside the room. The Hot Lunch Program will take place. Orders must be placed two (2) weeks in advance. We will be unable to respond to last minute sign ups. Children may bring lunch from home in a disposable bag. Snacks are to be brought from home as well. BHA will implement a no- sharing policy to reduce person to person contact.


Club activities will be done virtually. Additional information will be provided as the school year begins.

Monthly Assemblies

Monthly assemblies will be done virtually.

Before and After School Care

  • BHA discourages the use of carpooling to get the students to and from the school whenever possible.
  • All students will leave the school at 3:40 PM.
  • There will be no after school care this fall.

Field Trips

Field trips will not occur until further notice.

Bathroom Breaks

The use of student bathrooms, by multiple students at one time, will be limited to reduce crowding/mixing. Bathrooms will be monitored throughout the day and cleaned several times each day.

For grades 2-8, bathroom breaks will be limited to two students at a time.


New signage will be posted throughout our school providing safety reminders about face coverings, hand washing and more.

Social-Emotional Support

We recognize that our students are returning to school with varying social and emotional needs. As we plan for our students’ academic requirements this year, we are always sensitive as to how to guide our students' social and emotional necessities as well. With the support of our psychologist Marie Petrakovitz, our entire staff will work together to support our students during this time. More information will be communicated with families about this as the school year unfolds.

Distance Learning

In the event we must close the building and return to a fully virtual learning environment, our experienced distance learning program will be even stronger and well-organized, providing the best possible experience for your family.

Want to learn more about our approach?  Contact us   for more information and to schedule a socially distant tour.