Distance Learning

Schedule: When a pod or the whole school moves to distance learning - please click the links below for schedules.

K5     1st Grade    2nd Grade    3rd Grade    4th Grade       5th - 6th Grade       7th - 8th Grade  

For more information on Distance learning, click here. 

Welcome to Bader Hillel Academy's Synchronous Learning Page . Here you will find information about class schedules and links to online learning resources. 

In order to access these pages, you will need to have a Bader Hillel Academy email address. Parents, please make sure you are logging in with your child’s email address.

  Please note: Users outside of the BHA domain will not be able to access these pages.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Following the links below, login to your child’s grade/class page.

  2. Inside the individual grade level, there is a daily schedule with times for every class subject. Along with the times, there will be a link to your child’s Google classroom homepage. PLEASE NOTE: This will only be accessible for people with a BHA email address.

  3. Once inside their classroom, each room will have an individual Google meet link on their front mast of the page to access their virtual classroom. 


Use these links to access your child’s schedule and classroom page:

K5 A

K5 B

1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade Girls

5th Grade Boys

6th Grade Girls

6th Grade Boys

7th & 8th Grade Girls

7th & 8th Grade Boys