“Hillel Academy has helped me do my best and become a role model for other students. I feel prepared for our eighth grade Israel trip in a few weeks, and ready for high school.”
—Lytel Lerer, Student Council President & Eighth Grade Honor Roll Member 2013

For six decades, Bader Hillel Academy has had a profound impact in shaping the lives of its students. Small class-sizes, a competitive curriculum, and cutting-edge technology prepare Hillel’s 21st century learners for whatever academic goals they wish to pursue. Hillel graduates go on to enrich the world around them.

Founded in 1960, Bader Hillel Academy was built on the idea that every Jewish child deserves the best opportunity in education. Bader Hillel Academy doors are open to all Jewish students regardless of the family’s financial situation or observance level and provides Milwaukee’s Jewish students with a private, value-based education structured around the strong underpinnings of the Torah. In every child that attends Bader Hillel Academy we cultivate and draw out an innate love for Judaism, and a commitment to the value of Ahavat Yisroel—unconditional love and unity among all Jews with kindness and caring at its core. 

Bader Hillel Academy provides each student with an education that focuses on his or her individual needs, allowing each to succeed based on his or her ability.

Math relates to English, which relates to Science, which relates to the Torah, which in turn relates to everything. These foundational values ensure that Academy students thrive, succeed, and become leaders in their academic, philanthropic and Judaic communities. Bader Hillel Academy strengthens the future of Milwaukee, and ultimately of the Jewish people by sending students into the world with a strong Jewish identity, and a lifelong love of learning.

Leaving a bequest or planned gift to Bader Hillel Academy distinguishes you as a visionary who understands what a solid Jewish education gives our students:

v The ability to meet the challenges of our twenty-first century world.

v Leadership skills and the confidence to make change in their lives and that of their communities.

v A solid moral and spiritual foundation built on the values of Torah, a love of Judaism, and a passion for learning and discovery.

v The ability to integrate their Jewish identity, heritage, and values with the world around them, such that these values inform their future goals, interactions, and achievements.

Support Jewish Education for tomorrow’s generation by leaving your Jewish legacy today!

For more information about how to create your Jewish legacy, contact Ellen Schniederman 414-967-8362, or [email protected] .