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Our Educational Philosophy
Bader Hillel Academy is a Jewish Day School that provides a high-quality Jewish and General education for K5 through 8th grade students. Our vision is for every BHA student to embody the highest Jewish moral and ethical ideals and standards, and live by it in every facet of their life. Bader Hillel Academy respects and treasures the value of every individual, regardless of religious observance, background, social or economic status. Our atmosphere is designed to elicit self-confidence and high academic expectation from every single student. Our ties to Israel, and unconditional love for each and every Jew, are mainstays of our program.

Bader Hillel Academy is committed to a meaningful and engaging dual curriculum in Judaic studies and General studies. We guide our students to develop critical thinking skills and we provide a foundation of excellence in Jewish and General education which is recognized by the entire spectrum of college preparatory high schools. Our students discover the rich heritage of our people as expressed in its classical sources, Chumash, Mishnah, Talmud, and codes, and develop a love for, and a commitment to, the observance of Yiddishkeit.
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